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Increasing agility and efficiency is easier with a modular infrastructure from Dell. Choose a modular platform that meets the needs of your computing environment: a Dell PowerEdge FX2 chassis, a Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosure or a Dell PowerEdge VRTX shared infrastructure platform. And then add the servers, storage and networking you need to support your specific workloads. All components are based on industry-standards and servers include Intel Xeon processors. You can also save time and minimize risk by taking advantage of reference architectures, expert services and a single console to manage components.

See how companies are realizing dramatic transformations with a modular solution from Dell by reading the Dell Modular Infrastructure eBook. It details how:


RISING SUN can now give its artists the real-time rendering tools they need to create competitive, lifelike effects for blockbuster movies, while IT staff save time and reduce cooling costs.

TAPAD boosted customers’ advertising ROI by achieving millisecond insight into billions of data objects each day. It also increased staff efficiency and doubled IT density — saving power, space and money.

THE MARMARA COLLECTION reduced TCO by 60% and increased efficiency by 25% so it’s now easier to develop innovative guest services. The hotel chain’s IT footprint is also 40% smaller and it uses 60% less power.

NSPYRE accelerated engineers’ productivity, improved agility and cut costs. Applications run 300% faster, IT staff halved TCO and rack space, and the company added 10 times more storage to support growth.

CLAYTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS boosted student engagement by increasing application performance and establishing a districtwide video library. The district also freed up 10U of rack space for new initiatives.

INTEL recouped millions of dollars with improved decision making, reducing manufacturing yield losses by up to 50 percent and cutting equipment maintenance time by half at a factory in Penang, Malaysia.


Learn more about what you can achieve with a Dell Modular infrastructure here.


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