Big Is Beautiful, One Year On


The history books show that corporate mergers are anything but a ‘safe bet’. Even with the millions spent on due diligence and then the integrations themselves, there are many, many high profile, costly failures.

Today, Dell Technologies marks one year on since the Dell EMC combination created the world’s largest privately-held technology company and we are proud to have exceeded our own and also the industry’s expectations. In fact, our gains in market share, our acceleration in innovation and our financial leadership show that bigger can be better!

Successful corporate mergers have one key thing in common: they keep the newly-combined business laser-focused on the customers’ needs and the customer experience. This is the core ethos of Dell Technologies, and something that every team member cares passionately about.

Customers Don’t Want Complexity, Simple Works Best

Really understanding our customers has been key to our success. We know organisations are looking for an IT partner that has a breadth of technology. One that understands their industry, their company and where they are on their journey to transforming their IT. And, increasingly, they have come to the realisation that they need an IT partner that collaborates with other major IT vendors, offering an open approach and eschewing vendor lock-in.

All of this plays to our strengths and it’s why more and more customers – from the smaller, aspirational brands to some of the world’s largest companies, like The Boeing Company and Jaguar Land Rover – now refer to Dell Technologies as their most strategic IT vendor.

Investment in Technology Leadership and Our People

Dell Technologies grew double-digits in second quarter and in one short year our glory board reads long and includes, among other accolades:

  • 18 consecutive quarters of PC market-share gains;
  • $1 billion in revenue in its first year for Dell EMC Unity storage, one of the fastest-growing storage products in company history;
  • #1 in all-flash storage for 12 consecutive quarters;
  • #1 in worldwide public & private cloud IT infrastructure;
  • #1 in worldwide server shipments… and many more!

What brings success to any company, of course, is its people – and we have created great teams that can keep things simple for our customers to help them deliver against their digital transformation goals. In the last year, 138,000 team members across 180 countries have come together across Dell and EMC. And we have seen how that is creating a ‘whole’ which is stronger and more compelling even than its outstanding individual parts.

By combining the leading brands of Dell, EMC, VMware, Pivotal, SecureWorks and Virtustream, we have formed the essential enterprise infrastructure company to meet the most demanding of customers’ digital transformation needs today, and into the future. Dell and EMC is a winning combination and something I am really proud to be part of.

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