Bigger is better, but more is best! Introducing the New Dell Dense Enclosure for PowerEdge


Can “more is best” really be said for everything? Maybe not, but when we can pack a lot of storage disks into a small amount of space, I think it can be said of our most recent Dell Storage product, the MD3060e dense enclosure. This JBOD is bringing affordable density to the PowerEdge R620, R720 and the R720xd server line. Holding 60 hard drives in just 4U of standard rack space, this enclosure ensures you get the best “bang” for your buck! 

Everyone knows the story. Data is growing exponentially, but your data center or physical space is not, nor is your budget! The MD3060e dense enclosure can expand up to 240 hard drives behind a single server, and if paired with the fully configured R720xd that has 50TB of internal capacity, you can store over a petabyte of data in less than 1/2 rack of standard server rack space.* If high availability of data is a concern, pair just two of the MD3060e behind one of the PowerEdge servers and you ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it, without needing more real estate to meet YOUR customers’ expectations.  

Data can be seamlessly managed thru a variety of host server management tools. And if you have standardized on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, then all of the advantages of Storage Spaces will be available to you to simplify the management of your data. In fact, the MD3060e can be an excellent solution component for a variety of data intensive software applications, including software defined storage offerings from Dell partners in addition to Storage Spaces, Nexenta, Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

*Using 240 4TB hard drives

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