Data protection: What’s your backup plan? [Infographic]


Human error plays a significant role in data loss. It is the culprit in 32 percent of cases, according to recent research. But what about the remaining 68 percent? Hardware malfunction, malware, software corruption and smackdowns dished out by Mother Nature are among the most common causes.

So, a strong data management plan is essential, because disasters will happen. But enterprises can reduce their likelihood, frequency and severity by planning ahead and reacting effectively.

Business continuity and disaster recovery infographic

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2 thoughts on “Data protection: What’s your backup plan? [Infographic]

  1. I have always hesitated to do an online back up due to the fact that all I have seen have disclaimers about privacy.  From my understanding, my files would be accessible on an online back up storage site.

  2. Dale, I think your concern about data protection and privacy with online backups  is probably shared by a number of people. So, I turned to a colleague at Dell SecureWorks for options that might suit you. Here’s what Stacy Shelley had to say:

    "]Depending on the online backup service, there should be encryption options (or a default encryption policy) that will protect your data from unauthorized disclosure. Most business online backup services have this capability and it is also an option on most consumer-grade services."

    "Absent that, you could always encrypt the data before you back it up online. You’ll just have to maintain the keys and decrypt the backup files prior to restoring them locally."

    Thanks for your feedback!


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