Dell Continues to Help Customers Drive Efficiencies with Green IT


As data center temperatures continue to rise, customers can chill knowing that their energy bill will not be increasing. I’m excited to share that Dell is enabling customers to operate data center facilities at higher temperatures (think 113°F) without driving up the cost of cooling. Dell’s servers, storage and networking equipment were recently tested, validated and warrantied by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to operate reliably in higher temperatures. “What’s so hot about this?” you may ask. Think less maintenance and infrastructure costs all while lowering your energy consumption and operating a sustainable chiller-less data center with complete confidence. Feels good to be green, doesn’t it?

Newer data center designs by the likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon have seen huge efficiencies and cost benefits by virtue of being able to operate at higher temperatures. The shift towards fresh air-cooled data centers eliminates the reliance on chiller technologies and challenges IT manufacturers to increase their allowable environmental limits- a challenge surpassed by Dell. Dell data center solutions with Fresh Air capability enable customers to improve energy consumption, lower residual operational costs and ultimately operate more efficiently. In fact, Dell has been committed to this space for some time, and just this week Dell announced Bing Maps as a fresh air technology customer. Dell has created a dedicated imagery processing microsite to help Bing Maps support Streetside, Bird’s Eye, aerial and satellite images more efficiently. The microsite uses Dell’s innovative cooling  solution which, as measured in the industry by Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), will have a positive impact on Bing Maps’ productivity , bringing their PUE measure to as low as 1.03.

Here at Dell we are advancing our engineering and design to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. By listening and having a real understanding of their needs, we are giving customers the power to do more.

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