Dell EMC OEM Makes It Easy for Your Brand to Take Central Stage


Your Brand Sets You Apart

I read an interesting article in Forbes the other day, which said, “No branding, no differentiation. No differentiation, no long-term profitability. People don’t have relationships with products, they are loyal to brands.” The brand is what keeps customers coming back.

As a marketer, I certainly believe that when you have invested in setting up your own company and spent countless hours innovating, designing and building your IP to run on Dell EMC OEM platforms, your brand deserves to be up front and central. It’s all about standing out from the pack. Of course, for some OEM customers, debranding is more important. The bottom line is we want to do what’s right for your business in the easiest way possible.

Rebrand and Customize Your Platform

In support of this principle, we have just launched the new Dell YourID portal, a one-stop shop customization portal for OEM customers and partners, allowing you to personalize your platform and custom brand your assets, both inside and out.

From the Outside: Bezel Customization

Go online and use a simple GUI to design and customize your bezels and badges. We offer three tiers of standard customization levels plus an advanced array of modifications including shapes, colors, textures and vent patterns. There’s a bezel branding option for any timeline or any budget – and almost no limit to what we can do for you. In terms of products, you can customize pretty much everything from Dell EMC enterprise servers and storage to desktops, industrial PCs, laptops and tablets.

From the Inside: Software Branding and Custom Default Settings

Choose software branding and custom default settings for any configuration, everything from custom splash and setup screen logos to the BIOS and iDRAC settings. And when it’s time for updates, your settings are maintained, translating into quicker turnaround and increased uptime for your end-customers. Again, you can choose from three different tiers – Express (basic branding); Professional (BIOS and iDRAC setting customization) and Premium (deeper system customization).

What’s New and Different?

Of course, we always offered branding options but we have now centralized and streamlined the process as well as providing you with an easier and more intuitive bezel experience. For example, you can now upload your badge artwork, choose your bezel color, customize your luggage tag, and kick off your project. The days of back and forth emails with bezel screen shots are gone. The Dell YourID portal also provides a dynamic preview to show you in real-time exactly how your logo appears on your chosen platform.

Easy as ABC

For bezel customizations, just upload your logo, choose your color and text, and you’re ready to go. For software customizations, simply enter your branding information and settings, review your customizations, and wait for your sample customized ID Module. Once you’re satisfied, submit your project and let us take care of the rest! It really is that easy. It’s all part of our commitment to simplify your life and give you the power to do more!

What do you think of Do you believe brand is important to drive revenue? I’d love to hear your feedback and comments.

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