Dell EMC Receives TSIA STAR Award for Excellence in Social Support


It is with great honor that Dell EMC recently was awarded a 2019 STAR Award by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for “Innovation in Leveraging Social Support for Support Excellence.” As a Hall of Fame Winner of over 25 individual STAR Awards, among exemplary companies in the technology industry, including Cisco, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and more, Dell EMC is excited to celebrate our continued dedication to providing leading-edge social support and community services to our customers and partners around the globe.

For over 30 years, TSIA STAR Awards have become a coveted recognition of services success and best practices, and TSIA’s research and rewards stand as one of the highest honors in the technology and services industry, enabling the best-of-the-best to be highlighted by our peers and competitors. As our Support and Services teams strive to ideate, innovate, and deliver forward-thinking solutions for social media customer support and messaging applications, we will continue to provide our customers with engaging and informative support content that serves to resolve product usage challenges, while also remaining at your service through the social media platform of your choice when you are in need of technical assistance.

Our suite of social support platforms and messaging applications are available globally in multiple languages and include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, LINE, blogging, bots, and much more. We look forward to applying best practices for social support and the latest in social messaging technology to further enhance our services and provide our customers with a premium, award-winning customer support experience.

Dell EMC received this year’s STAR Award for Excellence in Social Support at the Technology & Services World Conference held in Las Vegas, USA, and was proud to be recognized through TSIA rigorous evaluation process amongst the world’s mightiest technology giants. “This year’s winners have demonstrated an unmatched commitment to remarkable innovation, leadership, and excellence in all they do,” said TSIA’s executive director, Thomas Lah. We at Dell EMC look forward to continuing to provide you, our global customers and partners, even greater successful, smart-routing, innovative approaches and multi-scope solutions to social media customer service and community programs.

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