Dell EMC Storage: More Power. More Extreme


When it comes to life, you can never have too much wine or chocolate… and when it comes to storage, you can never have too much speed or efficiency.

That’s why I’m excited to share two incredible Dell EMC storage announcements with you (sadly, no wine or chocolate included) that will open up new opportunities for you in the storage market!  First is the introduction of Dell EMC PowerMax, our new flagship enterprise array as well as two exciting updates to our leading purpose built all flash array, XtremIO.

So, if I may, I’ll make the proper introductions:


The highlights of Dell EMC PowerMax are that it is:

  • Fast: in fact, at up to 10 million IOPS and 150GB/sec, it is the world’s fastest storage array[1]  this is enabled by its multi-controller architecture designed for end-to-end NVMe and is ready for storage class memory (SCM)*, which enables new levels of performance today and into the future.
  • Smart: PowerMaxOS includes a built-in machine learning engine that analyzes and forecasts 40 Million data sets in real-time, driving 6 billion decisions per day.   It leverages predictive analytics and pattern recognition to maximize performance with no overhead.
  • Efficient: inline deduplication and enhanced compression enables up to 5:1 data reduction – doubling the rack density[2] with up to 40 percent power savings[3].


But wait, there’s more!  I’m also excited about a new entry X-Brick offering, the X2-T, which makes XtremIO more affordable than ever.  It includes all the advanced features and functionality of XtremIO X2, but for a significantly lower price. It’s ideal for customers who are looking for approximately 100TBe to 200TBe, with limited growth expected but who still require high-performance and low latency.

I’m also really excited to share that XtremIO X2’s new native replication is unmatched in the industry, it’s:

  • Efficient: Only sends unique data, to minimize WAN bandwidth requirements
  • Consistent: no performance impact with scale-out architecture
  • Simple as 1, 2, 3: Simple Protection Wizard is built-in to XtremIO HTML5 UI

It’s great news all round for your customers – and I’m sure it will make for great sales opportunities for you, too.

For further information, please visit the Dell EMC knowledge center here

[1] Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of published bandwidth of the PowerMax 8000 versus competitive mainstream arrays, March 2018.
*Coming when SCM drives are available in early 2019
[2] Based on Dell EMC internal analysis comparing maximum capacity per floor tile of the PowerMax 8000 against the VMAX 950F, March 2018.
[3] Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, March 2018, comparing a fully configured PowerMax 8000 vs. a fully configured VMAX 950F. Actual power savings will vary.
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