Dell PowerEdge Servers To Feature New Low Wattage Six-Core AMD Opteron HE Processors


Just like the certainties of death and taxes, we can count on processor companies to continually introduce chips with technology enhancements to meet the demands of data centers. This week our friends at AMD are introducing new members of the Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor family (code named Istanbul) that amp up performance while improving power-efficiency.

Next month Dell will update three PowerEdge blade servers, the M605, M805 and M905, and three PowerEdge rack servers, the 2970, R805 and R905 with both the Istanbul HE and SE processors for systems that are optimal for cloud computing and web serving environments. The energy efficient Istanbul HE, running at 55 watts, will be available on all six platforms to meet the needs of companies with power and space constraints.

We will be revving up the Dell PowerEdge 2970, R805 R905 rack servers and PowerEdge M805 and M905 blade servers with top performing processor in the AMD portfolio. Pack four Six-Core AMD Opterons into a Dell PowerEdge server and you can crank on mission critical apps for database and CRM.

We’re excited to offer these impressive new AMD processors in our server portfolio in the coming weeks. You can configure your next server at and you can learn more about the AMD processors at [email protected] blog.

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