#DestinationDellEMC Embarks Across North America


One of my favorite parts of my job, is hosting customers here in our hometown of Austin, Texas. But with everyone’s busy schedule, we realize you might not all have the chance to make it here.  That’s why last year, we took our products on the road in our Destination Dell RV.

Look inside the Destination Dell EMC RV

This RV traveled across the country visiting our customers and showcasing our client portfolio, including the latest XPS and Latitude systems, and our industry-leading displays and Precision Workstations. It was exciting to bring our portfolio on the road and showcase products that could transform the way people work.

With over 20K attendees visiting the RV last year, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. But what we heard most was customers wanted more; more hands-on experiences with enterprise offerings, more products, more space, more engagement and more…tacos (last year we consumed over 2,000 tacos across the US and Canada!) Tacos aside, I’m happy to say we heard the feedback loud and clear. That’s why this year we launched the new and improved #DestinationDellEMC vehicle, which features our best-in-class, end-to-end solutions in one place.

Launched at Dell Technologies World 2018, this new vehicle was reimagined into a ‘big-rig’ trailer with more products and more space, including a rooftop deck! During the launch over 2,000 attendees visited the trailer to see what all the buzz was about and to check out the expo floor from the rooftop deck. There was a continuous stream of people through the vehicle expressing curiosity and excitement! The best part is – that was only the beginning of the incredible tour we have planned for this year. In our schedule, we plan to bring the breadth of the Dell EMC solutions; from the edge to the core, to the cloud, to more cities. And, we’ll also have fun doing it with games, virtual reality, food trucks and more.

Destination Dell EMC brings our transformational and ‘better together’ story to life all in a single unforgettable experience.

Destination Dell EMC brings our transformational and ‘better together’ story to life all in a single unforgettable experience. Our customers love seeing how our Client and Infrastructure products work together end-to-end.” – Susan Hass, VP of North America Field Marketing.

Since leaving Vegas we have visited Denver, Colorado; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Montreal, Canada, and now we’re cruising to the east coast! We look forward to bringing #DestinationDellEMC to your city.

If you want us to visit your office, reach out to your account executive. If not, we invite you to join us in one of our many cities we’ll be visiting – chances are we are coming soon to a local brewery or ballpark near you!

Check out the evolution of #Destination Dell EMC for yourself!

For specific information on routes, visits, and events please reach out to Mona Singh.

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