Did you use a DCS server today? The answer might surprise you


I asked my daughter this week what she thought of when I said ‘one million.’  After some consideration, her answer was “stars in the Milky Way.”

As we approach the milestone this week of shipping our millionth DCS server I can’t help thinking about the parallels between her answer and what those million servers do on a daily basis.  No, I’m not talking about the million LED’s looking like the Milky Way on a clear night.  Rather, I am referring to the fact that we live in the middle of the Milky Way, but don’t realize it unless someone happens to point it out.

If you used a search engine, updated your status via social media, or generated a map on the internet to get from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ today, there is a good chance that a DCS server made that possible.  So much of our daily lives involve an interaction with the “cloud” and so much of that “cloud” is running on Dell that you need someone to point it out every now and then or you just might take it for granted.

Well, let’s consider today one of those days.  Please enjoy the following video that will put those million servers in perspective and provide some insight from our customers on why they chose DCS to power their cloud.

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