Disruption, Enabling: The Tides of Change


If you followed EMCs latest earning report , Q4/2014 (http://www.emc.com/ir), one thing is clear… XtremIO is a rocket ship! The slide on the right is part of the webcast presentation; the first bullet is just remarkable.XtremIO by the Numbers

“Fastest Growing Product in EMC History”. When you consider all of the products and all of the EMC acquisitions over the years, being the fastest growing product is incredible. Interestingly enough, all of these accomplishments happened in just over a year, since XtremIO GA back in November 2013.

Customers after customer are experiencing firsthand just how XtremIO can change the way applications are deployed. It’s not just storage, its enabling enterprise application deployments that just weren’t possible: In-line data services providing Deduplication and Compression, providing the foundation for revolutionary snapshot capabilities. Yes, I know storage arrays have been doing snapshots for decades so what’s different with XtremIO? Each snapshot gets full production performance without impacting productions, that’s just not possible with a traditional array. Be sure to check out my recent SAP blog for some more detail.

EMC Information infrastructure Mix shiftFlash Storage is creating a disruption in the industry; more importantly, Flash Storage is creating an opportunity. An opportunity to implement new technology to take advantage of Flash. The more you know about XtremIO, the more you realize that Flash is just the storage media – the real value is in architecture providing data services for next generation applications while reducing the overall cost of deploying storage. If you consider Flash and Emerging Storage Platform, it’s interesting to look at another slide from the Q4 earning Call, “EMC Information Infrastructure Mix Shift”. It’s clear that since 2010, “Emerging Storage” is becoming more and more relevant to our customers. While the pie has indeed shifted, what isn’t obvious from this chart is the size of the overall pie. Looking at Q4 2010 vs Q4 2014, Q4/2010 EMCs information Storage revenue was $3.6Billion (Source http://www.emc.com/collateral/corporation/earnings/2010-q4-webcast.pdf) in Q4/2014 that number was $5.3Billion(http://www.emc.com/collateral/corporation/earnings/2014-q4-webcast.pdf), While the tide is changing, EMC is leading the way!

In the context of change and disruption, it is time to “Redefine Simple”!
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