From “Edge-to-Core”: Redefining Video Surveillance


You’re probably familiar with the terms “Edge” and “Core” as they apply to a networking infrastructure—but video surveillance?  It turns out that the edge and core terms are a perfect description of today’s larger scale IP-based surveillance architectures. Out on the edge are the cameras themselves, as well as local, lighter-weight processing and storage.  At the core is the majority of the capacity (PBs), archiving capabilities, and, of increasing importance, analytics.

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Organizations adopting edge-to-core architectures are asking for their surveillance technology to be scalable, flexible, and open and future-proof.

In my last blog (see “Bringing the Scale-out Data Lake to Life,” July 2014) I talked about the significance of the new capabilities we launched in July. These new capabilities bring the scale-out data lake model to surveillance, and directly hit the needs of edge-to-core video surveillance requirements.

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That’s why the Isilon scale-out data lake storage model is so relevant to edge-to-core video surveillance.  For example, when surveillance video moves from edge cameras into the core data lake it can be actively used and leveraged simultaneously by multiple applications (e.g. Hadoop can be used to deliver valuable intelligence). At the same time, surveillance data can be securely accessed using Syncplicity on mobile devices, or used within cloud-based applications.

Today, over one million surveillance cameras capture their image data on Isilon and Isilon protects and manages this image data on over 160 PBs of capacity.  With the Isilon scale-out data lake at the core, we’re able to satisfy the current and future needs of video surveillance in industries such as Transportation, Federal and Local Government, enabling them to become more vigilant in their efforts to protect both people and property.

Check out this video where I provide an overview of the Video Surveillance market and deep dive in to EMC Isilon’s Core solutions that address customer needs.

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Please let me know about your experiences with these solutions – feel free to post blog comments, tweet me (@sureshcs) or on other social media such as LinkedIn.

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