EMC DSSD D5: New Tools to Transition to the Modern Data Center


Just a few months ago we launched DSSD D5, Rack-Scale Flash solution, with game-changing all flash storage performance designed for these data intensive traditional and next generation applications. And today, we are announcing two major new capabilities in DSSD D5 that will enable customers to modernize their data centers and harness the business opportunities offered by the digital era.

In this digital era, businesses are under much greater pressure than ever to use their data strategically, accelerate data analysis and deliver insight that can drive growth. As a result, businesses are working to accelerate and optimize existing applications and develop new data-driven applications for the real-time world.

Dual D5 Configurations for High Performance Data Warehouses: Double the capacity and performance with the same low latency

DSSD D5 is designed specifically for the most data-intensive analytical applications and delivers performance faster than direct-attached flash while delivering operational efficiency, a larger and denser shared pool of flash and centralized management. With the Dual D5 configuration, a server using the DSSD block driver will be able to connect simultaneously to two independent D5 arrays. EMC has demonstrated striping two DSSD D5s together running the market-leading high performance database in a single rack, to deliver 2X the IOPS, bandwidth and capacity of the fastest solution for databases in the market today, with one-third the latency and a lower TCO.


Rack-Scale Flash as Converged Infrastructure

Continuing to pave the way for customers to a modern datacenter, we are also announcing VCE VxRack System 1000 with DSSD, a fully-engineered rack-scale hyper-converged system for high-performance databases and data warehouses. The VxRack System with DSSD will have dense compute and high-performance networking connected to DSSD’s Rack-Scale Flash platform to deliver the fastest system in the market today for high-performance databases and data warehouses. Customers will be able to deploy the system as a standalone converged infrastructure or as an extension to their existing VCE system. Leveraging VxRack System with DSSD, customers will gain accelerated time to value, ability to scale as their needs expand and superior manageability and reliability with single point of management and support via VCE integrated management and VCE integrated support portfolio.


Want to learn more? Check out the DSSD homepage and follow @EMCDSSD on Twitter for our latest announcements and content.

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