EMC World 2014: Things Just keep getting Flashier, See you in Vegas!


EMC World 2014Hard to believe, but EMC World 2014 is just two short weeks away! You can imagine the amount of last minute preparation happening behind the scenes. The amount of energy, passion and enthusiasm that goes into EMC World is just amazing to me! It’s something that I’m proud to be a part of. EMC World 2014 is once again at the Las Vegas Venetian, May 5-8th. A few weeks ago, the EMC World 2014 Session Catalog went live. Currently listing an all-time record of 386 sessions: General sessions, labs, super sessions, birds-of-a-feather, and instructor led hands-on labs.. EMC World is the place to be to continue your transformation and re-define IT.

My participation at EMC World has increased significantly over previous years. In fact, if you do a search for “FLASH” in the session catalog you’ll find “Life in the Flash Lane”: Monday and Wednesday 8:30am presented by, yours truly. If you’re attending EMC World, be sure to stop by and say hi as we look at how Flash is transforming storage architectures across the board. From Hybrid Storage Arrays and Server Flash to Purpose Built All-Flash Arrays that are changing the game! Providing not only performance, but data services that take storage to a new level, a level no other array can achieve. The goal of the session is to set the stage for the other EMC World Flash related sessions… a quick search of the Session Catalog shows nine different sessions with Flash in the title, all showcasing how Flash impacts storage architectures.

Hope to see you at EMC World!! Follow me on twitter @SamMarraccini, and see you in the Bloggers Lounge. Here is a list of Flash related sessions at EMC World 2014!!

Life in the Flash Lane: Featuring yours truly (Monday 8:30am and Thursday 11:30am) What is Flash, and why is it so different? How does it impact existing EMC products and technologies, and how has it enabled a whole new product category? Our customers’ applications demand architecture choice;

VMAX: Flash-Optimized By Design: (Monday 8:30, Thursday 11:30) VMAX has long been the industry-leader for leveraging and exploiting Flash. This session outlines the architectural features of VMAX that allow it to optimally use EFDs. This session covers design and implementation best practices as well as details on the rich set of data services available for your all Flash or hybrid VMAX arrayEMCWorld 2015 - Redefine Flash

Flash 1st Scaling with MCx: (Monday 1:30, Wednesday 4:00) With MCx SSDs are mandatory; HDDs are optional. With EMC’s new FLASH optimized VNX, getting FLASH array performance for your midrange storage needed is now a reality. This session examines what the ‘shift to FLASH’ means for your data center strategy and how you go about building your own FLASH 1st data center strategy on steroids with MCx. Disks? Where we are going, we don’t need disks!

Expanding Roles of Flash for VDI: (Tuesday 8:30, Thursday 8:30) The flexibility of Flash technology is allowing IT organizations to deliver better, faster and more efficient desktop experiences. Learn how EMC solutions can enable the broadest uses of Flash to accelerate the success of your VMware and Citrix VDI deployments, with price points and deployment models that best fit your converged, hyper-converged, all-Flash and software-defined needs.

Rethinking Database Performance For Flash with XtremIO: (Tuesday 3:00, Thursday 10:00) Conventional wisdom with respect to database design and performance can be rethought when leveraging XtremIO all-flash array technology. Learn how to make database environments faster, less expensive, and easier to manage. This session includes real-world customer use cases and Q&A discussion.

Millions of IOPs in a Flash! EMC Solutins Guidelines for Increasing Performance (Birds-of-a-Feather) XtremIO: (Wednesday 1:00) Nearly all Oracle Database customers are seeking to increase the performance of databases deployed in online transaction processing (OLTP) or data warehouse environments. With advancements in flash technology, Oracle customers can significantly boost performance and improve response times. This session reviews tested, proven best practices to use a little flash to dramatically improve Oracle OLTP, DW and mixed workload performance.

XtremIO: The Transformational Technology Inside: (Tuesday 1:30, Wednesday 10:00) This session provides an overview to the EMC XtremIO all-flash scale-out array. Then, the architecture is examined in detail with a compare/contrast to other flash arrays in the market with the goal of helping the audience understand the unique requirements of building an all-flash array, the proper methodology for testing all-flash arrays, and architectural differentiation among flash array features that affect endurance, performance, and consistency.

Deep Dive into VNX MCx Architecture & Adaptive Caching: (Wednesday 10:00, Thursday 1:00) The VNX unleashes the performance of FLASH by rethinking caching, RAID, and active/active dual SP architectures. Learn how VNX eliminates the need for many manual cache settings, while improving performance. Discover how different speed devices share resources, and how VNX improves drive performance.

Delivering On The Promise & Potential of VDI with EMC XtremIO: (Monday 12:00, Wednesday 11:30) VDI projects often stall or fail because their end-user experience, real-world costs, scalability and complexity don’t deliver what IT expected. The root cause for all of these is the storage. This session discusses how XtremIO flash storage technology systematically address every VDI storage requirement and provides an extremely attractive $/desktop. Real-world examples from customers using XtremIO in their environments are provided.

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