Employees Drive the Total Customer Experience


Delivering the best Total Customer Experience (TCE) possible is a year round effort. It starts with employees and the amazing work that takes place each day – and often each night – around the world. Working in Human Resources, I see firsthand many of the ways that EMC people help our customers redefine their experiences in the digital world while earning their trust, respect, and loyalty.

EMC Colleagues at last year’s TCE Global Celebration in Cairo, Egypt

EMC Colleagues at last year’s TCE Global Celebration in Cairo, Egypt

I’ve been fortunate that my EMC career has allowed me to meet the people who design our technology, create it, sell it, deliver it, support it, maintain it and evolve it – and I am humbled by their capabilities. There is a customer-centric mindset in the air here – a current that connects us and unites us, providing the foundation for our culture. You don’t have to look very far for TCE, because it is a key component of who we are.

Last year, EMC became one of the Top 25 Global Great Places to Work, joining an impressive list of companies that lead their industries. What makes this honor even more important is that it was determined by the opinions of employees around the world, based on their personal experiences working for EMC. The actions we have taken and investments we have made to be a great place to work represent a ‘Total Employee Experience’ that drives our TCE, and helps it thrive.

Customers join EMC team members in Singapore for TCE Global Celebration 2014

Customers join EMC team members in Singapore for TCE Global Celebration 2014

Company leaders also need to be responsible and accountable for both employee and customer experiences. To that end, EMC’s senior leaders receive detailed employee survey data and have part of their compensation tied to our Customer Net Promoter Score. We not only ask our employees if they would recommend working at EMC, but also ask our customers if they would recommend working with EMC. Continuously tracking this data creates an ongoing pursuit of excellence, ‘inside’ with our employees and ‘outside’ with our customers.

Creating the best Total Customer Experience is essential for any company that wants to lead, regardless of industry or geography. I am grateful to all of our employees and customers throughout the world for what we have accomplished together and I look forward to the great work ahead of us.

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2 thoughts on “Employees Drive the Total Customer Experience

  1. I agree with you totally on what makes the best customer service experience. It\’s the awesome staff at EMC that motivates them to put out excellent customer service. If people see that your staff is well prepared, efficient, warm and welcoming then those customers would continue to do business with you. I\’ve seen companies that have horrible customer service and they don\’t last long. I\’ve read you guys are the top places that great to work at. Someday I would love to work with EMC.

    • Roxanne, thanks very much for your comment. We are proud to be celebrating our commitment to Total Customer Experience and the employees who make it happen. I hope you will visit [email protected] and review our current job openings. There is a link at the bottom of this page. Thanks again!

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