Episode #36: Hybrid Cloud, Build vs Buy? with Kevin Gray


Cloud computing continues to gain momentum across organizations of all sizes.  IDC estimates that 80% of IT service organizations will move to hybrid cloud environments by the end of 2017.

What does a hybrid cloud do for your business?  What are the real business benefits?

EMC The Source Podcast #36 Hybrid Cloud - Buy vs Build?

EMC The Source Podcast 36 – Hybrid Cloud Buy Vs Build

More important, once you have determined that a hybrid deployment is the right cloud for you, where do you start?  How do you order a cloud?  How do you build a cloud?  What options are there?

Principled Technologies recently published an in-depth research report focused on uncovering the real-world value of a hybrid cloud deployment.  The report “IT service transformation with hybrid cloud: Buy or Build?”, details the journey of an average company’s path to a hybrid cloud.  The report includes a detailed breakdown of 3 year cost savings and all associated costs for both building and buying the required infrastructure.  The full report is available here and in EMC The Source App under bonus material for this episode.

I recently spoke to Kevin Gray, Sr Manager of EMC Engineered Solutions, Kevin was part of the EMC Team behind the white paper.  Where did the savings come from, what did we learn?  Find out this week on “EMC The Source”.

The Source Podcast: Episode #36: Hybrid Cloud, Build vs Buy?  with Kevin Gray

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