Flash Storage Meets Persistent Memory – The Modern Data Center Changes Forever!


Flash Memory Summit Time Line

The Flash Memory Summit is an annual gathering of “People Making Flash Products Happen”. The conference was held in Santa Clara August 9-11, 2016. EMC was a premium sponsor of the event, showcasing the latest in ALL-FLASH product design and direction. In addition, EMC was invited to participate in the General Keynote Sessions.

EMC The Source Podcast Episode #56 - Flash Memory Summit 2016

EMC Fellow, Vice President of Emerging Media and friend of EMC The Source Podcast, Dan Cobb (@dcobbweb), hosted the Keynote – “Flash Storage Meets Persistent Memory – The Modern Data Center Changes Forever!”

I was able to catch up with Dan as he headed into his keynote address. That interview and the full content of the Keynote Session are this week’s EMC The Source Podcast.

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The Source Podcast: Episode #56: Flash Meets Persistent Memory Danny Cobb, Live from Flash Memory Summit 2016

EMC: The Source Podcast is hosted By Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)

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