From Down Under – Doubling Down on OpenStack


Dell EMC is excited about OpenStack Summit happening in Sydney. As Australia is known as the “Land Down Under”, I’d like to provide a peek under the covers of our OpenStack strategy.

Since our last release and announcement of the Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Dell EMC has strengthened our OpenStack team to build scaled and hardened solutions for communications and cloud service providers. SP use-cases provide the right foundation to enable robust feature sets for large enterprise, higher education, and government workloads.

Our OpenStack strategy is built around integrating physical and virtual infrastructure into platforms best able to address the complex technical and operational challenges facing the SP industry. These include IaaS, CaaS, SaaS, NFV and the increasing role that containers, bare metal and cloud native technologies play. Today, there are four areas I would like to provide updates on:

  1. Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware with Integrated OpenStack
  2. Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  3. Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for Red Hat
  4. Update and Priorities for Dell EMC OpenStack Solutions

Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware with Integrated OpenStack

In September, at MWC Americas, Dell EMC announced the Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for VMware. This solution extended Dell EMC’s thought leadership and commitment to the Communications Service Provider (CSP) industry by enabling a fully-integrated platform of Dell EMC infrastructure with VMware vCloud NFV.

Today, we have extended that platform to support VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) providing an option for SPs to capitalize on the accessibility of OpenStack by using the open APIs to integrate with VMware infrastructure. This carrier grade Ready Bundle provides a strong foundation for SPs to reduce time to service while offering multi-tenancy, dynamic scalability, high-availability, integrated containers support and In-Service-Software-Upgrade.

Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

At the same time, we’re announcing an update to the Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Red Hat OpenStack Platform to enable support for the Dell PowerEdge 14th generation server family.

Release 10.1 of the Ready Bundle supports the PowerEdge R640 and R740xd rack servers and runs Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10 and Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 software.  The PowerEdge 14th generation servers bring a scalable architecture, intelligent automation, and deeply integrated security, as well as increased performance and density for this Ready Bundle.

This release includes the Dell EMC JetPack Automation Toolkit, which delivers rapid and reliable automated deployment and life-cycle management capabilities for OpenStack in less than half the time of current methods.

More information can be found at and all technical documentation, including the Architecture Guides, can be found in the Dell EMC Tech Center community.

Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for Red Hat

In addition to the standard platform, Dell EMC introduces availability of our next Dell EMC NFV Ready Bundle for Red Hat which is a pre-integrated and pre-validated joint Dell EMC + Red Hat solution optimized to simplify and help CSPs accelerate production deployments of business critical virtualized network functions (VNF) and operationalization of NFV.

This NFV Ready Bundle provides enhancements on the core platform to include deployment of NFV-specific enhancements in an automated fashion with JetPack. Such enhancements include NUMA pinning, SR-IOV, DPDK support, and Huge Pages – all capabilities that Virtual Network Function (VNF) providers rely on for delivery of their network workloads.

Update and Priorities for Dell EMC OpenStack Solutions

Going forward, Dell EMC has created a single organization to develop both the strategy and the solutions for OpenStack across our partners. As a result, we are better able to serve our customers and our partners (VMware, Red Hat, Canonical, SuSE and Mirantis) and markets. As an example, this team just delivered the Dell EMC Canonical Mitaka OpenStack Reference Architectures for PowerEdge and DSS 9000 rack scale infrastructure. Our core objective is to deliver a simplified and converged platform, continue investment in JetPack as a common automation layer, expanding the networking options available to include SDN, 25 Gigabit networking integrated with Dell EMC Open Networking, and create a comprehensive infrastructure assurance suite across the entire stack.

Dell EMC is committed to OpenStack as a platform for multiple workloads, and will continue to invest to bring industry-leading OpenStack solutions that address our customers’ challenges to market. Be sure to visit Dell EMC at OpenStack Summit (Dev & Ops Lounge sponsored by Dell EMC on Level 4) and join many of the speaking engagements in which Dell EMC is participating:

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