Getting the Download on Dell’s New OpenManage Integration Suite for Microsoft System Center


Developing and delivering solutions that address customers’ true pain points is a process that requires listening, understanding and responding with innovative thinking. Ultimately, it comes down to an approach that values the establishment of a dialogue with a customer over a quick financial transaction.

Consider our recently announced OpenManage Integration Suite for Microsoft System Center, a portfolio of software tools that customers can easily download free of charge. This suite of software tools gives customers what they need to more efficiently achieve the best performance from their Windows-based IT environments. In a nutshell, it helps customers manage IT resources more securely and cost-effectively.

What we’ve accomplished with our OpenManage Integration Suite is unique in many respects. The idea is to present an a la carte menu where customers have the option to pick and choose what they need without being forced to purchase unnecessary products or services. Our approach differs from other vendors who restrict access to essential tools by packaging them with fee-based products and services. By allowing customers to download these software tools at no charge, we break the “nickel and dime” mentality that many vendors have adopted thinking that customers should pay for any upgrade or incremental improvement.

To be clear, just because we’re offering these software tools at no charge doesn’t mean they don’t provide great value. Again, it comes down to building an ongoing rapport with customers based on trust and openness. We’re in lock-step with developments at Microsoft and our OpenManage Integration Suite helps customers get their IT assets up and running quickly, by streamlining the most time consuming administrative tasks such as bare metal deployments, server provisioning, and BIOS driver and firmware updates. In addition, these tools provide the industry’s most extensive management across a broad spectrum of hardware devices, giving users added flexibility in scheduling non-disruptive IT maintenance tasks. Now, that’s what I call putting the customer first.

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