Has Your Organization Implemented a Data Protection Plan? Learn the 3 Cs to Get Started


International hackers, massive power outages, and other data disasters have recently been making the top of the news lately.  These days IT organizations continue to be challenged by unplanned downtime and data loss costing them over a trillion dollars per year.   Does your organization have a strong data protection strategy?
dataprotectionEMC recently commissioned a study called the Global Data Protection Index.  The study showed that 13% of Enterprises were considered leaders or adopters who already had an advanced data protection strategy in place.  This group is less likely to encounter a data disruption.  The surprising number was the 87% of Enterprises that are still in the evaluator or laggard category and are open to big data disasters without a protection plan in place.If your organization falls in to the 87% who do not have a solid data protection strategy, you can easily get started with what I call the three Cs:

  • Consumption: so you know when and where data is being consumed in order to ensure that data is protected anywhere and everywhere.
  • Continuum: ensuring your data is protected across the entire continuum of recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • Control: You need a central point of control as efforts to secure all your data commonly result in a hodgepodge of backup and protection solutions from multiple vendors.

Read the full article here on using the 3 Cs to create your data protection strategy.  With data protection, the best defense is a good offense and the time you spend looking at the big picture will save you from bigger headaches further down the road.

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Holly Anderson January 16th, 2018
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  1. I would add a fourth C (and an S): \”Common Sense,\” as in the cloud makes good common sense for data protection! Thanks for your blog.

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