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Dell EMC ECS 3.3 software upgrade helps customers unlock value – and helps you protect your revenue and boost your business

Sometimes – in business as well as in life – we put too much emphasis on the wrong thing.

Technology is a case in point. It can deliver all kinds of benefits in terms of costs, simplicity and accessibility. But technology is only part of the story – what truly counts is the message – and that’s information.

The information challenge

Deriving value from that information can be a real challenge. As we all know, there is a great deal of information, and it’s growing at a breathtaking pace. In addition, a large amount of it is unstructured. Much of it is siloed, too.

For all these reasons and more, it’s hard to harness the data available, and use it as the foundation of the digital business. If you also factor in the data security and compliance considerations, it’s no wonder many organizations are finding the management of, and access to, their information such a burden.

Dell EMC ECS Gen 3.3: Help customers focus on the right thing

Dell EMC’s ECS storage environment is designed to help your customers focus on the right thing. This software-defined, cloud-scale, object storage platform takes advantage of the benefits of the cloud, but also takes it one step further by building IT infrastructure centered around what matters most – their data.

The latest software announcement – Generation 3.3 – delivers significant enhancements, including:

  • Enterprise-readiness: Improve data protection and compliance mandates in the age of evolving security needs
  • Improved ROI: Customers get a 12% improvement in storage costs that is up to 59.5% lower TCO than the public cloud
  • Enhanced data visibility: Make more accurate forecasts and take action on capacity alerts
  • Faster time-to-insights: Unlock new insights from data faster than ever before
  • Low-touch migrations: Migrate Atmos deployments to Dell EMC ECS without productivity impacts

The benefits to customers…

Gartner Group lists Dell EMC ECS as a Leader in its Distributed File and Object Storage Magic Quadrant 2017. Dell EMC ECS enables your customers to:

  • Modernize their infrastructure
  • Secure their data capital
  • Lay the foundation for a data-driven business
  • Accelerate application development

… and the benefits to you

Dell EMC ECS enables you to give your customers an alternative to the public cloud, but on their own premises – which means more control for them, and more revenue protection for you.

It enables you to offer them enterprise-grade object storage that is purpose-built for both traditional and modern applications, with the flexibility to capture, store, protect, and manage unstructured data at a public cloud-like scale.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly of all, it enables you to help them unlock the value in their data, and build their digital future, while also achieving enterprise-grade security standards, lower and more predictable storage costs, and enhanced visibility into their data assets.

To find out more, visit the Knowledge Center – and help your customers focus on what matters most.

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Sudip Saha September 6th, 2019
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