High Availability: New Promotion to Ensure Business Continuity With Data Domain


Today’s business world demands continuous operations across the data center, including mission-critical data protection procedures. As some admins have learned the hard way, any amount of downtime can mean a loss in revenue and productivity for an organization. This is why business continuity has become a top IT priority for global enterprises – and why Dell EMC has implemented support for high availability configurations in our latest generation of Data Domain systems for midsized and large enterprises.

High availability empowers organizations with greater resiliency through a second line of defense via Data Domain, ensuring continuous operations in the event of a failure. This month, Dell EMC has introduced a new promotion around high availability configurations for Data Domain systems, enabling customers to purchase their second controller at a 50% discount.

By adding a second Data Domain controller to your protection storage investment, you create the active/standby configuration need to achieve high availability. During any unplanned system downtime, a simple failover between the two controllers is activated.

Since the two controllers are attached to a shared storage pool, with one handling data ingestion and the other on standby, the backup jobs can resume in just minutes on the standby controller. Plus, this whole process can be easily monitored and managed via Data Domain System Manager. In addition to minimizing unexpected downtime, high availability configurations can also complete Data Domain Operating System upgrades without taking the system offline.

Gain this feature with a new Data Domain DD9800, DD9300 or DD6800 that is preconfigured for high availability. Customers can purchase a second Data Domain controller at a 50% discount from Dell EMC and our partners now. The promotion will run through Friday, August 3, 2018. To learn more about Dell EMC Data Domain, please visit the Dell EMC Store to compare products and follow @DellEMCProtect on Twitter for the latest announcements, customer case studies and topical content.

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