How IT financing can help your business grow and thrive


As the leader of Dell’s in-house financing provider, every day I see businesses grapple with the difficulty of keeping up with rapidly evolving technology trends while managing tight IT budgets.

In fact, a recent Techaisle survey showed that budget constraints are the top IT challenge for small and medium business owners. That’s why customers of all sizes need a financing partner with the knowledge and flexibility to offer a custom solution that will lead to more savings for the business.

With the variety of options available, financing can be just as important as the choice of technology solution.

Here are just a few of the benefits customers tell us they get from working with Dell Financial Services (DFS):

  • Preserving cash and beating budget constraints: Financing, rather than paying for a solution outright, offers far more advantages than basic capital preservation. It can allow a business to take a holistic strategic approach to addressing their technology needs for today and tomorrow. Plus, financing with an in-house partner like DFS can offer more flexible terms and conditions than other sources of financing, enabling you to meet specific budget and cash flow requirements.

  • Accelerating ROI and increasing operational efficiency: In that same Techaisle survey, 58% of small and medium business respondents said they agree or strongly agree that the role of technology is to “improve operational efficiency.” DFS works with businesses to reduce complexity and risk, spreading costs over multiple budget cycles. We also offer flexible terms and conditions customized to your technology solution and the needs of your business. This can help you grow with your technology instead of out of it.
  • Flexible consumption options: DFS offers flexible consumption options that give businesses the most flexibility possible as they respond to changing technology needs. These payment options allow businesses to scale their usage based on demand (pay-per-use), plan for technology refresh cycles as the business grows, or evaluate new technology before purchasing it outright.

Beyond the products, there is a unique advantage to working with dedicated DFS account teams embedded in the sales motion for a complex IT purchase. We can finance the total solution through one sales motion, and that can make life much easier for customers like Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs.

When Watershed needed to implement a new IT infrastructure within a limited budget, they turned to Dell for a new private cloud solution based on Dell servers, storage and networking. Whit Baker, Watershed’s IT Director, said in addition to Dell providing the best deal, he valued the peace of mind offered by the financing expertise of the dedicated DFS account teams:

“…because the Dell Financial Services guys already knew everyone working in sales and infrastructure, the communication between them freed me up from having to convey this information to another financing facility. I would be spending my time all day long trying to describe all this equipment to them and why we need to purchase this. I’ve been relieved of that burden, because DFS is doing that work for me.”

Every year, DFS helps hundreds of thousands of Dell customers and channel partners like Watershed acquire $4 billion of Dell (and non-Dell) hardware, software and services. That’s a lot of conversations with businesses of all shapes and sizes. In those conversations, we’ve seen time and again how the right financing solution, paired with the right technology, can really help a business grow and thrive.


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