Inside Flash Episode #6: VFCache at the EMC Forum 2012 with Special Guest Presidio


The EMC Forum is a traveling road show of EMC Technologies; the show travels the globe and brings with it a sort of “mini EMCWorld”. Consider it a best of EMC in the field, your opportunity to get the latest direct from the source. The event made its way to Chicago this past month, and I was asked to present the EMC Flash Strategy. Flash Everywhere!!!

I couldn’t pass up that opportunity, especially if Cache Gordon was to make an appearance! Not only was the presentation “Flash Everywhere”, I found Flash all over the partner exhibit hall. Some early looks at XtremIO and VFCache running some impressive workloads.

I spent some time with Raphael Meyerowitz from Presidio. We reviewed VFCache and the testing Presidio has been doing. Stick around after the demo to see if Cache Gordon made it to the forum.

XtremSF Partner

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