Inside Flash Episode #8: VFCache & Microsoft SQL Server (Active/Passive) Cluster


VFCache 1.5 was introduced back in September 2012, an eternity in the ever evolving “Flash” marketplace. In fact, VFCache 2.0 is only a few months away. VFCache 2.0 software has some exciting new enhancements, some that will take EMC Flash Caching to the next level and beyond. For more on VFCache 2.0 stay tuned to

Before I start to highlight Version 2.0, I wanted to make sure a feature of VFCache 1.5 wasn’t overlooked. I talked about the headline items back in Episode #5 (Larger capacity, in-line deduplication and VMware vMotion support.) In addition to those major enhancements, we also introduced support for Active/Passive Cluster Environments.

I spent some time with Ye Tao, in the EMC Emerging Technology Center to review that support. Ye configured a Microsoft SQL Server Cluster (active/passive) running an active OLTP (TPC-E) workload using EMC VFCache Hardware and Software. Ye then initiated a failover and failback with no disruption of the SQL services.

Inside Flash Episode #8 highlights that demonstration:

For more details can be found at the link below.

Questions? You can e-mail me directly at [email protected], and look for me in “The Flash Zone” at EMC World 2013!

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Questions/Comments? Contact me directly at [email protected] and thanks for watching

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