Introducing the new MD3, the next generation of affordable storage


Each generation of the PowerVault MD3 series has improved, moving from a basic RBOD RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) Bunch of Disks at its conception to a very versatile array, all the while keeping the product family affordable.

The MD3 array series has been designed with the entry level to medium business customer in mind.  Our new generation models are no different.  The MD3s are designed to enable customers who are new to storage feel secure in their purchase through easy deployment and management..  This new array is an affordable storage array delivering the latest technology with improved connectivity and performance.

The new models to the MD3 series include the performance and flexibility you have come to expect from the PowerVault line of products. This next generation offers twice the performance of prior generations1 with the latest connectivity options: 12GB SAS, 10 GB iSCSI and 16GB Fibre Channel.   Having a bigger pipe is great, but add the fact that these arrays offer multi-protocol connections from the host with 10Gb iSCSI and 12Gb SAS or 16Gb Fibre Channel and 12Gb SAS and its even better. You have a great example of the versatility of the new MD3.  To paraphrase some well-known telemarketing campaigns…just wait, it gets better!  It now has double the available cache with up to 8GB per controller! The optional premium software features are now available in bundles to simply your purchase process.  If your main concern is to protect your data, there is a Data Protection option that includes SnapShots, Virtual Disk Copy and Remote Replication.  If you need your data quickly, then the High Performance option is the one for you, which provides High Performance tiering, SSD Cache and the additional drive license to maximize capacity.

The new MD3 series offers more options to help you do more with your data.  Learn more about this next generation of MD3 array at


¹Based on January 2014 Dell internal testing using an IOMeter performance tool comparing the new MD34x0 12Gb SAS and MD38x0f 16Gb FC arrays, versus the previous MD3 generation for large block sequential read. Actual performance will vary.





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