Japanese Support Community – Evolving With Our Customers


The Japanese Support Community on the ECN enables global customers to review and post technical questions and product tips regarding all EMC products. Over time, we have witnessed an evolution in forum activity and usage trends regarding some of EMC’s most-popular products.


The line graph above shows how much (%) questions were posted on popular products in each month.  About a year ago, VNX was the most popular product in the Japanese Support Community. More than 30% of the questions were about VNX. VNX, VNX2 and Data Domain generated around 70% of all the questions at the time! However, since February 2015, the situation has been changing. In August 2015, the most popular product was Isilon. VNX dropped to third, representing only 12% of all questions posted to the Japanese Support Community. This marks an interesting conversion moment, when core EMC products (such as VNX) and emerging products (such as XtremIO) are crossing over.

This is exactly the kind of growth and evolution that allows a support forum to remain sustainable and relevant to customers. We need to change, we have to move forward as the market and technologies always do, and the Japanese Support Community appears to be on the right path! We are moving forward and continue to host engaging discussions about new EMC products and technologies.


The graph above shows relationships among (relatively) new EMC products, protocols, and user scale. We can observe the rising popularity of Isilon and XtremIO discussions in the forum. We’ve had several ScaleIO and vVNX discussions as well. We are very happy to discuss new products in the forum and encourage our Japanese-speaking customers to post their product questions. We get together and grow together through the forum discussions, and welcome you to join our community at https://community.emc.com/community/support/japanese.  Have any recommendations for how we can make the Japanese Support Community event better? Post your comments below or tweet us @EMCSupport!

Yutaro Uehara

IT Social Engagement

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ueharaus

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