Keeping Your Power Edge with Dell’s PowerEdge Servers


Last month Daniel Bounds wrote that Conspicuous Consumption is Out of Style on the AMD at Work blog and described how Dell and AMD worked together to create energy efficient servers.

Time for an update: this week Dell is shipping two-socket and four-socket blade and rack PowerEdge servers with the new AMD Opteron HE (code name Shanghai) processors. Now the Dell PowerEdge R905, InfoWorld’s Best Virtualization Server of 2009, consumes even less power.

When combined with Dell Energy Smart platforms, these energy-miser Opteron HE processors can dramatically improve overall efficiency to drop power and cooling bills in the data center. Our PowerEdge engineers have included temperature-sensitive fan technology, more efficient power supplies, smaller form factor hard drives and low-voltage processor options to keep the power meter ticking slowly.

To hear more about power reduction, AMD’s @Jake_Whitman talked with Brent Kelley, Sr. Manager, performance/power characterization lab at AMD about innovations in the new processors. Here is what he has to say about changes to the processor. (I apologize in advance for the low audio levels.)

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