The Social Network of Machines, Software-Defined Storage, & the Data Protection Continuum

The Second Machine Age is redefining our relationship with technology. From healthcare to transportation, our lives will be nearly unrecognizable to our children. Underlying this change is the next generation of the social network: a Social Network of Machines. This Social Network of Machines will be a vast infrastructure built on the Third Platform (i.e. mobile, big data, social, cloud) and fueled by near-ubiquitous metadata about machines and humans.
In this two part series, we’ll first examine what technology drives the Second Machine Age. Then we will explore how we can avoid an “Accidental Architecture” on a global scale.

Stephen Manley March 25th, 2014

Dell is Changing the Game in Networking

Recently I told you about some exciting developments Dell is driving around Open Networking and our first partnership in this area with Cumulus Networks. Today I am excited to bring to you more game-changing networking solutions that will deliver future-ready IT and optimize businesses for scale-out and cloud-based … READ MORE

Tom Burns March 25th, 2014

SDN gets real

Over the past decade there have been numerous attempts to define what the future of networking should be, and with each attempt came lots of hype about how the new technology would solve  the many well-known problems with traditional networks. The most recent of these promising new technologies … READ MORE

art_fewell March 25th, 2014

Dell Does it Again with Innovation to the Core

Dell has made major strides in networking hardware over the last year, racking up an impressive number of awards and head turning products that are modernizing today’s data center, making good on our promise to disrupt the networking industry.   Today Dell’s announcing a new addition to the networking … READ MORE

Kevin Oliver March 25th, 2014
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