Understanding Hadoop, HDFS, and What That Means to Big Data

Over the past few years, usage of the Internet has increased massively.  People are now accessing emails, social networking sites, writing blogs, and creating multiple websites.  As a result, petabytes of data are generated every moment.  Enterprises today are trying to derive meaningful information from this data and convert it … READ MORE

Amrita Sadhukhan January 27th, 2014

EMH Healthcare Implements Customer-Focused IT Strategy

As I was writing last week’s post, I got an email from our social team asking me to take a look at a customer profile one of our internal teams recently put together. The timing, as it turns out, couldn’t have been more perfect, and the story more in line with the “center of gravity” series I kicked off earlier this month. It’s a great example of the business benefits of a customer-focused IT strategy.

Heidi Biggar January 22nd, 2014

Severstal Hammers Out Steel Day and Night—Uninterrupted

Any global business that runs around the clock needs dependable equipment and systems. As one of the world’s largest steelmakers, we’re on 24×7. In the steel industry, margins are incredibly tight. So we invest in the latest manufacturing technologies to make our operations optimally efficient. As our equipment got more … READ MORE

Chris Stahlbaum January 22nd, 2014

EMC Isilon SmartLock: An overview and demonstration

EMC Isilon supports multiple data protection strategies for your cluster environment. Last month, we featured a video about EMC Isilon SyncIQ™, which uses snapshot technology to replicate changed blocks of data. If you want to apply Write Once Read Many (WORM) data protection to files on your cluster, consider EMC Isilon … READ MORE

Kirsten Gantenbein January 21st, 2014

Dell Networking blade switches have just gotten even better!

Two blade switches have been extremely popular as networking blades for use in the M1000e, selling tens of thousands of units: the Dell Networking MXL and the Dell PowerEdge M IO Aggregator.  Both blade switches have become popular due to the exceptional bandwidth (40 GbE), and flexibility (modular approach with … READ MORE

Kevin Oliver January 21st, 2014

Advancing the Art and Science of Enterprise Content Management

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is quickly evolving with the advancement of Big Data, mobile, social, and cloud technologies, accelerating the sophistication of business user content and access. This growth is forcing enterprises to transform in a way that allows them to keep up with user demands and business … READ MORE

Rohit Ghai January 21st, 2014
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