Taking virtualized management to the next level

As one of VMware’s biggest OEM partners, Dell is leading the way in helping customers manage their virtualized work environments. Today, at VMworld Europe,we’re announcing our Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter, which is designed to compress tasks and bring various management processes such as firmware updates and … READ MORE

Duane E October 12th, 2010

Dell OEM Solutions goes to Interop NY

I am very excited to be going to Interop in New York this year. When thought leaders and innovators in networking technology get together for these events the resulting controlled chaos can lead to real-world change and new innovation. There will be dozens, if not hundreds, of Dell … READ MORE

Franklin Flint October 11th, 2010

SolarWinds – simplifying global data management

How many times, when driving in your own familiar city, do you pass a building or see a company logo, and wonder what they do but just keep going? Many companies call Austin their HQ, including SolarWinds. I’ve passed their office many times but had no clue what … READ MORE

Kristin Storer October 11th, 2010

What will that cheap hard drive really cost you?

As a Dell OEM Solutions representative, I spend the majority of my time talking to OEMs who are just getting started working with Dell’s ability to help them go to market efficiently.  I just got off the phone with one of my customers today who proposed a frequently … READ MORE

Mary B October 8th, 2010

Meet OpenStack’s Community Manager

One of the key ingredients for the success of any open source project is a strong community manager.  Coming on board to fill that role for the not-quite three-month-old OpenStack project is Stephen Spector. (If you’re not familiar with OpenStack, it’s an open source cloud platform). Stephen made … READ MORE

Barton George October 7th, 2010

Dell/EMC Innovations Part 2 of 2

As promised, here's part 2 of the post around Dell/EMC innovations that I kicked off last week based on some really interesting things that Brian Whitaker, a fellow storage marketing manager in Dell's Product Group, talked about with me.  This time, we eschewed the water cooler for some … READ MORE

Greg White October 7th, 2010

Dell OEM Solutions returns from ESC Boston

The dust has now settled and the team is getting back in the swing of things after a busy week at ESC Boston.   I meet a lot of smart people at the show who are pushing the limits of size and performance in the embedded design industry.  I … READ MORE

Sarah M October 6th, 2010

Platform-as-a-service – a shallow dive

In the last post, we talked about how the ultimate nirvana is for the business to do self-service provisioning of services from a service catalog. This is somewhat easy to think about when we consider compute, storage and network services – the virtual bare metal gets provisioned within … READ MORE

KK Krishnakumar October 6th, 2010

Big Business Performance for Small Business Budgets

We've been talking about the PowerEdge R815 a lot lately, and for good reason. We've expanded our AMD PowerEdge server portfolio, which is continuing to garner industry praise and attention. In May, we launched the PowerEdge R815, which was our first AMD 11th Generation PowerEdge server.  And the … READ MORE

Brook L October 5th, 2010
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