US Military Forges ahead into Cloud & Open Source

Following on my entry from last week,  here is something pretty cool I learned while doing research on what's happening in public sector cloud computing: From their FAQ they explain: is a DISA-led activity designed to improve the ability of the U.S. Department of Defense to … READ MORE

Barton George June 1st, 2010

NetworkWorld Review of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

Tom Henderson and Brendan Allen of ExtremeLabs published a great walk-thru of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) last week in NetworkWorld.  Canonical, the commercial sponsor behind Ubuntu, is one the first members of our Cloud Partner Program and we will soon be offering UEC running on top of … READ MORE

Barton George May 31st, 2010

Federal Cloud Computing, two steps forward?

Over the past week I have presented Dell’s thoughts and capabilities around cloud computing to several different groups from the U.S. military.  In preparation for these talks I did some research into what’s happening in the wild and wonderful world of federal cloud computing.  Here are a couple … READ MORE

Barton George May 28th, 2010

Big Data in the Windy City

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, I attended the TDWI (The Data Warehouse Institute) world conference in Chicago.  The show was a mix of courses and exhibit space. I went to learn about the BI/Data warehousing segment and scout in preparation for the next conference in August. Why BI? My … READ MORE

Barton George May 21st, 2010

Are You Prepared for the Recovery?

DIGITIMES is reporting that PC component makers will begin hand picking their orders rather than fulfilling all orders as demand continues to increase across the industry.  At the same time, a looming DRAM shortage is being widely discussed in the media.  This is typical fare for an economic recovery … READ MORE

Josh Neland May 17th, 2010

Dell’s Wild Ride at EMC World 2010 – Wrap Up

Well, we’re all back home safely … after our 10.5 hour trip from Boston, that is.  I don’t know what’s more fun, getting sick while you’re away from home or getting in at 11pm on a school night.  This year’s EMC World 2010 was not for the weary, … READ MORE

Jennifer G May 14th, 2010
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