Welcome To The Party!

Today marked the announcement of another entry into the foray of “new” systems designed for cloud computing.   I make light of “new” as this is a space Dell has been serving for over a year now.    And along the way we’ve found that the unique needs of hyperscale … READ MORE

Todd B April 23rd, 2008

Cloud storage better than Swiss cheese

Technorati Tags: cloud,storage,upline The challenges of storage technology are often underestimated.  As Gilda Radner used to say, "there's always somethin."  Of course, when that certain somthin' happens with storage, it makes people squirm. Projections for the widespread success of cloud storage tend to discount the unexpected things that … READ MORE

What’s up with the P?

Technorati Tags: HPC,Dell,Servers,clusters What I am learning from places like InsideHPC.com and from the guys at Dell is that HPC is rapidly scaling from supercomputer centers down to much smaller organizations. It seems a more apt term than High Performance Computing – and one that is being embraced … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson April 23rd, 2008

How should we measure Earth Day?

Technorati Tags: Data Center,Data Centers,metrics,earth day Earth Day is a day to reflect on our planet’s condition and to re-dedicate ourselves to the work that lies ahead. One of the keys to effective conversation is having good metrics that indicate the progress we are making. That’s why we … READ MORE

VP, Power & Infrastructure April 22nd, 2008

The method to our madness

People often ask us what makes Dell different from our competitors. Here is a link to a podcast of an interview I recorded with Glenn Keels, Director of Global Commercial Product Development. The interview covers a lot of ground and revolves around Dell’s strategic vision of reducing complexity, … READ MORE

Jeff S. Johnson April 21st, 2008

FCoE is Good, but iSCSI’s Still Better…

With all the vendor chatter on FCoE at SNW last week, you’d think that it’s poised to become the final protocol for unifying storage and networking. What about iSCSI? Dell’s acquisition of EqualLogic demonstrates our belief that iSCSI is an integral part of the solution for unified fabric … READ MORE

Travis Vigil April 16th, 2008

Green Goes to Town

There are a lot of cities out there you could associate with “being Green”—Austin, Berkeley and Seattle, to name a few. Being green does not require being well-known, however, and one small town certainly lives up to the term “environmentally-friendly.” The town of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is … READ MORE

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