Hating IT Is Too Easy – Calling Jackie Chiles

Susan Cramm at Harvard Business Publishing has a post "8 Things We Hate About IT" that is now up on BusinessWeek. She lays out the complaints that spawn such revulsion in management and end users. IT is too bureaucratic, too busy, too expensive and too far behind the … READ MORE

David Graves June 5th, 2008

I thought a cluster of tigers was called a “streak”?

When it comes to clusters, it makes sense that we’d have a few announcements – uh – clustered. And I’m not sorry about the pun. We recently showed the Purdue University team installing its new high-performance computing cluster (HPCC) in just half a day. Today, it’s all about … READ MORE

David Graves June 3rd, 2008

Blades for Virtualized Environments?

Resident Ace Todd Muirhead is planning to discuss virtualization applications of Dell's PowerEdge M600 and M605 blades for the M1000e chassis. He plans on covering such topics as why or why not blades with special attention paid to power consumption, I/O ports, memory capacity and performance. 3:00 Central … READ MORE

Ask Albert: Can’t we all get along?

When I’m out talking to different audiences about the benefits of Green IT, one point I typically bring up is the somewhat sensitive relationship between an organization’s Facilities and IT departments. These are traditionally different departments with different objectives and different budgets. But when you’re tasked with implementing … READ MORE

VP, Power & Infrastructure June 2nd, 2008

StorageMojo dogpile

David Graves, my -co-worker here @ InsideIT noticed that Robin Harris of StorageMojo fame might have found the ultimate way to stir things up in the blogosphere: Suggesting that his readers contemplate a vacation @ Club Fed. Hmmm…. no wonder most of the comments were negatory.   View … READ MORE

Incompetent IT pros? Send ‘em to the slammer!

So says Robin Harris over on his ZDNN Storage Bits blog. His position is that grossly negligent IT people need to go to jail – "with professional stature comes professional responsibility."  Uncle Ben was on to something when he was talking to young Peter Parker. He discusses what it means … READ MORE

David Graves May 28th, 2008
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