Manage your data with the new EMC Isilon SDK


The Isilon SDK is now available! The Isilon SDK includes documentation and code samples to help you to develop a customized interface to your Isilon OneFS cluster. The OneFS API is a REST-based HTTP interface that allows automation, orchestration, and provisioning of an Isilon cluster. Using the OneFS API, third-party applications can leverage the capabilities of the OneFS operating system to simplify management, data protection, and provisioning.

Code samples are available through the Isilon community on EMC {code} and from the Isilon GitHub repository. Immediately available for download is the Python Language Bindings for the OneFS API and the Statistics Browser tool.  The Isilon SDK Info Hub connects you to a central source of information and provides additional links to resources and documentation.

To use the Isilon SDK, you need either a physical Isilon cluster, or a OneFS simulator. See the video Technical Demo: EMC Isilon OneFS Simulator on the EMC YouTube channel to learn how to install the OneFS Simulator.

The Isilon SDK is Open Source and available free under the MIT license.

Sign up on the Slack EMC {Code} CodeCommunity and join the #isilon channel. Be part of the conversation about the Isilon SDK and receive news of future updates.

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