Maximizing Business Value from Converged Infrastructures, Part I


Converged infrastructure, hyperconverged infrastructure, hyperscale converged Infrastructure….megaconverged infrastucture? Which of these terms did I just make up? (Answer below)

While it may feel like convergence is turning the world upside down, it really just reflects the constant evolution of technology. I recently sat down with fellow blogger Heidi Biggar to talk about converged infrastructure solutions. As per usual, I ran a little long, so we’ve broken the podcast into two parts.

Part I is all about the “what” —  What is convergence? What level is right for you?

Part II, which will post later this month, is all about the “why” — Why the growth? Why data protection? Why one feature versus another?

By the end of the second podcast, you’ll see that converged offerings – like cloud, big data, mobile, and other buzz-worthy topics – are  just useful tools to add to your tool box. But don’t fall for a “Megaconverged” offering – I made that one up! [Of course, by the time this podcast is posted, somebody will probably have launched Megaconvergence… ]

Happy listening.


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