Major League Baseball A Big Fan of EMC Big Data


How does Major League Baseball (MLB) provide fans with the most ultimate game experience? Big Data. By capturing massive amounts of data points (Volume), analyzing it in real time (Velocity), and rendering information in different formats (Variety), fans gain an immersive baseball experience. Whether you are at the ballpark with your mobile device or at home on the computer, MLB takes every pitch, every hit, every run, every error, etc and transforms this Big Data into a seamless online narrative that combines everything from real time statistics, pitch analysis, and video replay into a single screen. Who needs peanuts and Cracker Jacks now?


MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM) is the interactive media and Internet company of MLB, providing fans with high quality web and mobile applications for live streaming of audio and video for every game, convenient ticketing, ballpark specific services, interactive games, and more. Bob Bowman, CEO of MLBAM, is obviously a huge baseball fan, but an even bigger fan of EMC. Using EMC Isilon, the performance of video streaming has increased by 50%, which has led MLB to service fans better. For example, instant replays can now be delivered within 15 seconds of a baseball play. Watch the newest episode of “At The Intersection” to hear more on how MLB uses Big Data to deliver a unique game experience.

What technology is enabling MLB to stay ahead of the curve? EMC Isilon and VMAX have provided the following benefits to MLBAM:

  • 50% increase in video streaming performance using Isilon’s built-in metadata acceleration
  • 67% increase in website performance using VMAX 10K with FAST VP
  • 95% reduction in system downtime using Isilon, enabling MLBAM to deliver live video streaming
  • 80% reduction in storage administration time through consolidating its IT infrastructure with a centralized management console from Isilon
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