The Modern Datacenter Architecture on Display at Dell EMC World


Dell EMC World is right around the corner (May 8 thru 11). If you are anything like me, you know that not all conferences are the same. I’ve probably attended hundreds over my career – both industry and company specific. Some are good. Some are fantastic! I can’t remember looking forward to a conference as much as I am looking forward to this year’s Dell EMC World in Las Vegas. Why? A couple of reasons come to mind. For starters, all of Dell Technologies will be in one place, under one roof, at one conference. That’s exciting. The second reason is that I won’t have to hold back discussing the evolution of Dell EMC servers.

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We are expecting almost 13,000 people from more than 3,000 companies to attend this year. Meeting the admins, directors, and executives and talking about their business is the most rewarding part of the show for me. Over the years, the conversations around compute have changed a lot. In the past, we often spoke of server density and processor speed, but this year, I expect the chats to be around applications and consumption and how infrastructure can be optimized for specific workloads.

What to See at the Conference

This year’s Dell EMC World will include immersive experiences and demos. Our Solutions Expo is always buzzing and so much fun. Sure, there is plenty of physical technology you can see and touch. But what is also inspiring is to see how people use it. I’ve seen race cars and hospital rooms in years past. Will the IoT cow from our TV commercials make an appearance this year? Who knows. But if you are going, make sure you swing by the Dell EMC PowerEdge server booth right in the middle of all the action. We’ll have plenty to show you.

Listen, Learn, and Touch

This year’s event will have over 500 sessions and topics as well as hands-on labs. These are great opportunities to hear from some of the brightest minds across Dell Technologies. It’s your best chance to network with others and hear about the technology shaping their business. I realize that you can’t attend every session and you are likely mapping out an itinerary that covers technology you use and might use. With the data center transforming to a software-defined and workload centric model, make sure you have a couple of PowerEdge server sessions or hands-on labs on your list. We will have some really exciting things to share with you around automation and security. Here’s a list of sessions and hands-on labs.

See you in Vegas.

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