New EMC Isilon customer support content for July 2015


Check out new EMC Isilon customer support content published in the month of July. Each month I’ll post a summary of newly published content for Isilon customers, as well as the top 10 most viewed knowledgebase articles.

New Isilon customer support content

Here are links to new EMC Isilon customer support content that was published in July 2015. Enjoy!


LINK and Description

ClusterTalk Podcast Episode 5: Streaming music, saving the bees, what Big Data reveals about wildfires and landslides, guest data scientist Collette Gantenbein, and more!
Cluster Talk Podcast Podcast: Cluster Talk Hub: Looking for all the Cluster Talk podcasts? You’ll find them here.
Isilon Community (ECN) Blog OneFS and Virtual Hot Spares
Video Decode the Node: A Tour of the EMC Isilon X210 (ID.TV): Learn about the new EMC Isilon X210 node including its specifications, connection points, and internal components.
Video Decode the Node: A Tour of the EMC Isilon NL410: Learn about the new EMC Isilon NL410 node including its specifications, connection points, and internal components.
Video Node and SSD Compatibility in OneFS 7.2 and OneFS 7.2.1: Learn how to create node class compatibilities and SSD compatibilities in OneFS. These features enable you to combine different types of nodes into the same node pool.
Info Hub OneFS 7.2.1 Documentation – Isilon Info Hub: the place to find OneFS 7.2.1 content, from what’s new to product documentation to 7.2.1-specific blog posts and videos.

Most viewed Knowledgebase articles

  1. ETA 199379: Isilon OneFS: Security update MS15-027 may cause data to be unavailable to SMB clients that are authenticated to Isilon clusters through an Active Directory server that relies on the NTLM authentication protocol (199379)
  2. Product Impacts of Upcoming Leap Second UTC adjustment on June 30th 2015 (197322)
  3. ETA 203815: OneFS – and – Isilon NDMP snapshot-based incremental backups may omit new and changed files (203815)
  4. OneFS SMB and Authentication Rollup Patches (196928)
  5. OneFS: How to reset the CELOG database and clear all historical events (16586)
  6. ESA-2014-146 (193304)
  7. ESA-2015-093 (202878)
  8. OneFS: How to safely shut down an Isilon cluster prior to a scheduled power outage (16529)
  9. How to collect node information, including log files (16763)
  10. ETA 193819: EMC Isilon nodes: Mars-K+ drives may stop responding and be automatically smartfailed from Isilon nodes (193819)
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