Now Is the Time To Be A Global Alliances Partner


Working with all of our partners brings me great joy. I treasure the relationships we’ve developed over the years and I treasure the way we do business together. So much of this is because underneath it all is a strong foundation of trust. Trust is not something I take lightly and it is core to who I am and what I value most in life. And I know it’s important to you. This is what has allowed us to defy gravity, because we trust each other to go above and beyond what anyone thought was possible.

We grew the Global Alliances business by 28% last year. Talk about defying gravity! When I think about how far we’ve come together over the past few years it sometimes feels like magic. This growth wasn’t driven by any one region or single line of business. It was a result of a combined effort across all regions and towers. It shows we’re relevant and balanced.

How are we achieving this success? Because we’ve doubled down on our three key enablers.

  1. Leveraging Our Global Sales Force: Our Alliance Sales Directors only get paid when you win. Our sales rep participation doubled last year, meaning more and more of our sales team is leveraging Global Alliances in one way or another.
  2. Being Strategically Aligned: we’ve positioned ourselves strategically and have anticipated where the market is going. Customers are moving to a multi-cloud environment and more and they plan to use a service provider to build or maintain their multi-cloud environments. This alignment has taken us up the value chain and we are required. Our customers need us.
  3. Conducting Joint Business Planning: I’m going to sound like a broken record, but we don’t prioritize partners, we prioritize plans. This prioritization of plans has absolutely contributed to our success. These plans should not remain stagnant, especially as the industry evolves. This is what will continue to ensure we’re strategically aligned in the industry.

We’re doing a great job strategically and tactically. We’re leading with the Four Transformations that we talk about across Dell Technologies, Workforce, IT, Application and Security Transformation. We are transforming our customer’s businesses. We’re doing incredible things with the portfolio. And with the new Dell Technologies Cloud, we’re poised to do incredible things. There’s never been a better time to be a Global Alliances partner.

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