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yep, I could use one of those

Ben Rockwood posted on a clever device – a docking port for SATA drives. I don't like prying apart my USB and firewire cases either to switch drives, so I wonder if there is a two-holer under consideration.  I almost always end up doing big dump/fills when I start using … READ MORE

How much can you turn off?

Technorati Tags: ken brill,uptime institute,greenbiz,Blades,Dell,Energy conservation,Green benchmarks,Green technology,HP,Hardware,IBM,Open Source Systems (OSS),Power consumption,Power supplies,Sustainable IT GreenBiz radio has an interview with Ken Brill of the Uptime Institute.  Its a bit long, but all the text is there so you can speed read through it if you want. One of the more … READ MORE

Enterprise taking a page from SMB?

Omar Sultan from Cisco wrote yesterday about the importance of broadening the skills set among data center workers.  Here's an excerpt: I believe that the IT infrastructure and the IT organization need to be mirrors of each other. I don’t think you can successfully transform your data center while clinging … READ MORE

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