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Big Data Analytics: Unlocking New Potential in the IT Service Portfolio

The changing IT landscape requires not only the provisioning of the latest tools, technologies and assets, but the embracing and leveraging the technology – especially Big Data analytics – to achieve true transformation. Through greater inclusion of Big Data analytics into our IT portfolio, EMC IT has made tremendous strides … READ MORE

Vic Bhagat April 30th, 2014

VNX [email protected] To Be Different

Many industries such as healthcare, financial services and federal and state governments (to name just a few) are requiring more and more controls over sensitive information, like proprietary, employee and customer data. These new requirements are a result of the increase in unauthorized data access internally and from external threats. … READ MORE

Jeff Boudreau April 30th, 2014

Operating at the convergence of Life Science and Healthcare

Well it’s that time again – time to prepare for Bio-IT World Conference & Expo where our own CTO of Life Sciences, Sanjay Joshi will be hitting the stage.  It’s always a scramble to prepare for all the customer meetings, the exhibits, and (of course) the anticipation of eating fresh … READ MORE

Sasha Paegle April 29th, 2014

An Interview with Doug Cutting, the Founder of Hadoop

I recently got a chance to catch up with Doug Cutting, the founder of Hadoop, Nutch, Lucene, and various other open-source technologies.  Doug is currently the Chief Architect for Cloudera, the current leader in the Hadoop marketplace.  He has been spending his time supporting the growth of Big Data and … READ MORE

Ryan Peterson April 29th, 2014
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