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A Strong VSPEX Foundation Is Built On Data Protection!

Readers of my blogs probably know that I am guilty of spending the odd hour or three in a video game. My latest gaming quest is to work my way up the score ladder on the newly launched “VSPEX: The Simple Way To Deploy Your Cloud” game. As of this posting, I am at 20,000 points and aiming for the leader at 35,000! I will have to make some headway during my flights out to VMware PEX.

Alex Almeida February 5th, 2014

Inside Flash with Sam Marraccini: Episode #15: Citrix Partner Summit 2014

EMC was a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Citrix Partner Summit. The Gold Sponsorship brought with it a prime location in the Exhibitor Hall and conversations with hundreds of EMC/Citrix Partners. Of course Flash was a big topic, specifically Flash for End User Compute. EMCs primary focus was enabling our joint partners to successfully deploy virtual environments designed to deliver unique customer requirements regardless of scale.

Sam Marraccini February 4th, 2014

Open Trusted Technology Provider Accreditation Program

How does one measure the best product-related practices that may be in place in the world of Commercial Off-the-Shelf Technology (COTS)? Often specific versions of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) product are certified by a third party “Lab” that can examine the state of that version in terms of … READ MORE

Dan Reddy February 4th, 2014
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