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The Future Is Now: Time to Disrupt the Networking Industry

It’s time to open up the network and realize the full potential it has to transform today’s data centers. New dynamics such as SDN, network resource pooling, overlays, East-West traffic and cloud computing have changed how networks need to behave. These factors necessitate a new way of networking from the … READ MORE

Arpit Joshipura February 19th, 2014

Locating serial numbers for EMC Isilon nodes

To open a service request for EMC® Isilon® Technical Support, you’ll need to provide a node serial number. You can easily retrieve this information from the back of the node (or the front of A100 nodes), from the OneFS web administration interface, or from the OneFS command-line interface. For a … READ MORE

Kirsten Gantenbein February 18th, 2014

Real innovation for the Oracle datacenter

Last October, Michael Dell stood on the stage at Oracle OpenWorld and announced a new evolution in a long standing partnership with Oracle. Dell Active Infrastructure for Oracle is both the culmination of and the foundation for this new relationship between the two companies. It embodies cooperative engineering, joint support, … READ MORE

Carey D February 18th, 2014
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