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Ten Software-defined Storage Predictions for 2014

This past year was full of exciting milestones for our EMC Advanced Software Division (ASD) team.  EMC ViPR made its debut atEMC World and became generally available on September 27th.   Some of the brightest minds in the business have worked to address the most pressing cloud, storage, and Big Data … READ MORE

Kate Greenough January 16th, 2014

Now available: VDI Reference Architecture with Compellent All Flash Array

Desktop virtualization is an important strategy for organizations seeking to reduce the cost and complexity of managing an expanding variety of client desktops, laptops, and mobile handheld devices. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers an opportunity to not only reduce the operational expenses for desktop management and provisioning but also to … READ MORE

Chhandomay M January 15th, 2014

Pushing the Envelope for Smarter Identity and Access Management

Information security has always been a complex beast, and this beast has visibly grown in both scale and scope over the past few years. From the perspective of Identity and Access Management (IAM), the number and type of information resources in play has risen exponentially, as have requests for user … READ MORE

Nirav Mehta January 15th, 2014

EMC Elect 2014

First off, I wanted to say how honored and humbled I am to be a returning EMC Elect member in 2014. I have learned so much in the first year of being an Elect that I can only imagine what greatness is in store for me and being able to … READ MORE

Alex Almeida January 15th, 2014

How to collect files for EMC Isilon Technical Support

When working with EMC Isilon Technical Support to troubleshoot an issue with your cluster, you may be asked to send your cluster’s log and configuration files to an Isilon Support Engineer. To do this, you’ll need to run a process to collect this information. This process creates a single file … READ MORE

Kirsten Gantenbein January 14th, 2014
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