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Going Greener…In Color

Earlier today, Jeff Clarke spoke at our Mobility in the Connected Era summit in Monaco on new technologies that meet the needs of our customers, shared environment and digital nomads worldwide. We’re introducing the industry’s first electronic privacy screen on the Latitude E6400. This software-driven feature creates a … READ MORE

Joni Carswell, Dell Product Group September 24th, 2008

Citrix – Direct Integration for EqualLogic PS storage

(editor's note – The virtualization news from VMworld continues to abound…this post comes to us from Achmad Chadran in our EqualLogic solutions group) Citrix just released an integration module that sets a new high-water mark for virtualization. We’ve already begun work documenting the experiences of customers who’ve deployed … READ MORE

David Graves September 15th, 2008

VMworld’s Around the Corner – What’s Dell Got?

(editor's note – this post comes to us courtesy of Tim Sherbak, one of our virtualization gurus) The VMworld show is next week in Las Vegas and we'll be there in a big way.  We'll be there to show solutions highlighting data protection, disaster recovery, consolidation, virtual desktops, … READ MORE

David Graves September 12th, 2008

Virtualizing Servers? Look At Consolidating Your Storage

Lot’s of virtualization news today. My guess is that most of our readers aren’t asking "if" they should virtualize – the benefits from server virtualization and server consolidation are well-touted. One by-product of moving to a virtual server environment is the near-mandate for shared storage.  That gives a … READ MORE

David Graves September 10th, 2008

Dell Ups the Ante in Virtualization

What do you think of this time of year? Kids returning to school? Football season? True, but September is now all about virtualization, literally. With Microsoft’s launch earlier this week of its embedded Hyper-V and VMworld just around the corner in Las Vegas, the timing is just right … READ MORE

bruce_eric_anderson September 10th, 2008
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