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FCoE is Good, but iSCSI’s Still Better…

With all the vendor chatter on FCoE at SNW last week, you’d think that it’s poised to become the final protocol for unifying storage and networking. What about iSCSI? Dell’s acquisition of EqualLogic demonstrates our belief that iSCSI is an integral part of the solution for unified fabric … READ MORE

Travis Vigil April 16th, 2008

Green Goes to Town

There are a lot of cities out there you could associate with “being Green”—Austin, Berkeley and Seattle, to name a few. Being green does not require being well-known, however, and one small town certainly lives up to the term “environmentally-friendly.” The town of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is … READ MORE

Software as spam: deceptive software updates

Bob Plankers, the Lonesysadmin posted yesterday about how Apple, Sun and Google have taken to using software updates as the vehicle for tricking customers into installing software they don't want.  Bob suggests legal protection, which I assume was mostly exasperation with the situation.  The debate that followed Apple's … READ MORE

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