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How much can you turn off?

Technorati Tags: ken brill,uptime institute,greenbiz,Blades,Dell,Energy conservation,Green benchmarks,Green technology,HP,Hardware,IBM,Open Source Systems (OSS),Power consumption,Power supplies,Sustainable IT GreenBiz radio has an interview with Ken Brill of the Uptime Institute.  Its a bit long, but all the text is there so you can speed read through it if you want. One of … READ MORE

Enterprise taking a page from SMB?

Omar Sultan from Cisco wrote yesterday about the importance of broadening the skills set among data center workers.  Here's an excerpt: I believe that the IT infrastructure and the IT organization need to be mirrors of each other. I don’t think you can successfully transform your data center … READ MORE

The Brave New World of Open Expertise

Technorati Tags: ars technica,techdirt,chuck hollis,dell,social media,insights,analysts,future of storage I’ve written books on storage and have been an analyst and so people sometimes think I’m an expert. Not me. For years, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to consolidate the knowledge of IT customers in an online community. … READ MORE

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