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What Happens if I Cut This Cable?

We all know how sacred the data center is – and no one takes the 24/7 Engineering infrastructure uptime more seriously than Kiran Bhageshpur (Director of Software Engineering at Isilon). He watches over the the Isilon data center like it was his newborn baby. Like many of us, … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch February 26th, 2010

Ubuntu founder stops by Round Rock

My favorite cosmonaut-coder Mark Shuttleworth stopped by our offices this morning for a visit.  Mark is the founder of both the Linux distribution Ubuntu and its commercial sponsor Canonical.   Mark and I sat down in the lobby and caught up.  Here is a short interview we recorded. Some … READ MORE

Barton George February 22nd, 2010

OneFS 5.5.4 is now Generally Available!

I’m happy to announce that the latest version of OneFS® – 5.5.4 – is now Generally Available (GA). OneFS 5.5.2 is the previous GA release, with OneFS 5.5.3 remaining as an EA release. Just to recap some of the highlights that originally appeared in 5.5.3: Rolling Upgrades – … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch February 19th, 2010

Dell PowerEdge R710 Server Comes Out on Top of InfoWorld Review

InfoWorld published a review of three competitive 2-processor, 2-socket servers, including the Dell PowerEdge R710. These do-it-all stalwart servers make up the bulk of mainstream IT computational engines because of their versatility, reliability and affordability. Because this class of server is called upon to perform a myriad of … READ MORE

Matt M February 16th, 2010

Hague Medical Centre

Last month, my team had the pleasure of visiting the offices of Hague Medical Centre, one of the largest clinical hospitals in the Netherlands, with approximately 800 beds and almost 3,000 employees. With expanding responsibilities, the digitisation of patient records and changes in legislation, the hospitals data storage … READ MORE

Kathy Mahady February 14th, 2010
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