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Behind the Wizard’s Curtain (OneFS Revealed, Part III)

If you’re still reading, I can only presume you are enjoying this long walk behind the wizard’s curtain into the depths of OneFS®’ magic, or that you’re just hoping for another chili analogy. I’ll finish this series with a look at how OneFS scales to meet any and … READ MORE

Nick Kirsch September 30th, 2010

Dell/EMC Storage Innovations – Part 1 of 2

I was talking by the water cooler today – really, there is an ice and filtered water machine at the end of the hall where some of the best storage conversations happen – with Brian Whitaker, a Product Group colleague and former product manager for Dell/EMC, about some … READ MORE

Greg White September 27th, 2010

Challenge: Scaling Resources On-Demand and Across Storage Tiers

Home to the world’s largest collection of 2D and 3D research neuroimages, UCLA’s Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI) needs to keep data management simple and applications moving fast. To simplify data management and increase performance across a broad range of research initiatives, as well as for its Web-based … READ MORE

Sam Grocott September 27th, 2010

The silent majority

Below is a blog repost from John Fruehe, AMD Director of Product Marketing for server/workstations, about how the efficiency of the Dell PowerEdge C6105 combined with AMD’s Opteron™ 4100 Series processor and Dell’s Data Center Solutions team truly defines that ubiquitous term "cloud" and extends it beyond the silent … READ MORE

Linda Lisle September 24th, 2010
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